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Email Marketing
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Social Media

1. Do you work on social media campaigns for Facebook and Instagram?

Yes we do. A strong marketing campaign is key to engaging your target audience.


2. Can I have a custom package according to my requirements?

Yes you can. We are equipped to care out any task at hand. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


3. What kind of posts do you make?

We can do branded / niche related super high quality posts with HD graphics and unique content. Content type is based on business / profile type.


4. What's the turnaround / delivery time on social media kits?

Delivery time is dependent on what’s ordered, but on average we deliver in 3-5 days. Sometimes it might take longer depending on the package/s.


5.  What networks do you design for?

We do designs for all networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and much more.


6. Can I get a discount if I want multiple work done?

Yes you can. Upon request we will send you our bundle packages. We offer great combo deals with a discount already included in the price.


7. Can you deliver in 1 day?

Yes! We have rush delivery options at an additional cost.


8. How many revisions do I get?

Revision amounts depend on the package chosen. You can pay individually per revision, or be issued a set fee for an unlimited amount till you’re satisfied with your order.

Web Development

1. What do i need to start designing?

Kindly provide the following details your requirements, features you want, content (data & text), login details.


2. Do you purchase Wix premium plan and domain?

No we don’t purchase the plans for you. But we can give you suggests on what is best options for you.


3. Do you provide graphics and pictures?

Yes we can provide any type of graphics and images, but it the cost will vary depending on the type of graphics needed. Different plans cover different deliverables. But the graphics and pictures we’ll provide have all copyrights cleared.


4. Do you provide free support after the order completion?

Yes !! We provide 7days free maintenance after the order’s completion. After that client has to pay a monthly premium of 150USD a month for maintenance.


5. Do you assist with logo design?

Yes, we have branding packages or add ons that’ll help you to fully complete your website aligned with your brand’s identity.


6. Do you use themes?

Yes and no. We can design around pre-built themes on many platforms, or we can design custom websites via, PHP and Laravel.  


7. Can you also redesign existing sites?

Yes, please share link to your site to get a fair quote.


8. What do you need to get started on the designs?

We usually ask for brand/style guidelines. If this isn't available we will send out a small questionnaire or we can discuss the parameters. Other useful bits: wire-frames, colors, themes, links to sample site etc.

Email Marketing

1. Do you do custom orders?

 Yes. We’re always happy to customize our services for your needs.


2. Do I get subject lines for the emails?

Yes, absolutely. An email without a subject line is like a book without a title. Please don't ever let someone sell you an email without a subject line. We will give you two subject lines per email!


3. Will I be able to edit this email template?

Yes. If the template is created in or imported to your account you will be able to edit the content in drag & drop - live editor. This is available for our standard and concierge email packages only.


4. Will my email look good on my mobile phone, tablets and other devices?

Yes, your email will be responsive on every device.


5. Can you create engaging and original written content for me?

Yes. Depending on the context, we will draft engaging content for your email newsletter.


6. Can you design my email in other languages? French, Arabic, Greek etc.

Yes! We can design your email in any language. However, you will need to provide all the content for the email design.


1. Do you help with marketing for a crowdfunding campaign?

Yes, we can surely help with marketing for your campaign, in providing the essential marketing tools eg. Promo vids, animation etc. But to build strong leads for the campaign we would advise you to use an agency more geared towards those needs.


2. What services do you offer for crowdfunding?

We offer campaign layout development and installation, which entails designing a strong campaign with modern design tools and dynamic CTAs placed throughout to boost your conversions.

We also offer brand consultation to make sure you are portraying the right image to your potential consumers.

Google My Business

1. Can you an existing website to Google My Business?

Yes, we certainly can. You can link your own website or have one created on the Google My Business Platform.


2. Does having a Google My Business page boost your ranking?

Yes, but it isn’t solely responsible for it. To boost your ranking we would recommend SEO services to identify what you key words you could be ranked high with.


3. Do we need a Google My Business Page if we already have other social media accounts?

Yes you do. Having a Google My business page is necessary in having a presence on the Google search engine. Having social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram etc might not help you to be found through Google unless your business is typed in directly.

2D Explainers

1. Do I have the commercial freedom to use my animated video?

Yes of course. You can use these animated explainer videos anywhere online. I provide 100% commercial license to my customers. We have purchased commercial rights for all the elements we use in our videos.


2. What Softwares do you use?

We build our videos using After Effects and Premier Pro. Characters are rigged using complicated tools.


3. What if I need customized characters or action packed advanced animations?

Customized characters and advanced animations are offered in our premium packages.


4. Can you create animation for other languages apart from in English?

Yes we offer animated videos in over 100 other languages except Chinese and few other languages. Kindly message us to check the language availability before ordering.


5. Do you provide customer service after the order is completed?

Yes we’re always here to help and we believe in building strong relationships. If you need help regarding editing a video or promoting, advertising the video or even ranking your videos on YouTube, we are here to help you. Additional fees may apply.


6. Can you still make an awesome explainer video for me if I have a limited budget?

Of course. Don't worry. We offer 10 different animation styles, at 10 different price points to suit our consumers budget needs. Feel free to share your story and budget with us and we will do our best to create an awesome explainer video.


7. How many styles of animation do you offer?

We offer 10 different styles of animation, from white board explainer animation to bold, complex character animation. Feel free to contact us and we will send you or pricing sheet along with examples of each for your review.


8. Are you creating a unique video for me or just duplicating the same template again and again?

We believe in quality work and value to our customers. Your video will be 100% unique and we won't edit and re-use a previous video done for some another brand.

9. Do you help with script writing?

Yes, we offer script writing for an additional cost.

2D Logo Animation

1. Do you follow my script or design your animations freely ?

We do not follow scripts or step-by-step instructions. Please send us a message if you have a script ready, so we can approve it before we proceed.


2. Are your 2D animations truly custom ?

They are 100% custom made, designed from scratch, tailored to your brand and logo.


3. What does transparent background mean ?

It means the video has no background, so you can overlap it on top of other videos or elements.


4. Do you design logos ?

Yes, we can help with your logo design for an additional cost. Please contact us and we’ll send you our logo design packages.


5. What you need to get started from me?

We just need your original source file of the logo in any of these formats - Illustrator/ Photoshop or Ai/EPS/PSD/


6. What will be the video output?

It will be mp4/GIF/MOV


7. I don't have a vector logo, can you work with JPG or PNG files?

We can recreate your logo in vector format from any picture if they are clear for additional 50 USD.


8. If I give background music, can you just put it into animation without additional price?

We can surely put your background music into animation without additional price.

Promo Video

1. Do you use templates?

Yes some packages use templates and premium includes customized stock video. For template based videos, basically everything about the video will be identical to the sample we send to you except for the images/videos used, the text and the logo, which will be replaced with yours.


2. What do I need to get started?

Just select the package according to your needs, submit pictures or clips, logo or channel name (optional), social media and website in case you’re in need of an outro as well.


3. Can customer provide his own fonts?

Yes you can provide your own font as well or tell us the name of font you need.


4. Is it possible to change the color of fonts and animation objects in intro?

Yes you can tell us the color you want ,or if you can provide hex code of the color that would be awesome.

Intros & Outros

1. What is a turnaround time?

Our turnaround times vary per intro / outro. Our pricing packages will disclose delivery time for each style. If you wish to receive it earlier, please send us a message to discuss a time frame that will suit your needs.


2. What if I don't have a logo yet?

If you don't have a logo, we can also do intros with just a text. Also, we offer logo design services. Please message us to discuss the matter further.


1. I can't fit my request in any of your packages. Can I talk to you for a custom order?

Of course! Feel free to contact us. We can work something out for a fair price.


2. I want more than 1 logo. Do you offer a discount if I order in bulk?

It all depends on how many logos you need. Contact us, so we can discuss it better.


3. Do you create flyers or posters in any other language?

Yes, absolutely! If the designs are in Spanish, we can translate the text myself. If the designs are in another language, we can also accept your order. We would just need you to submit the text exactly as you want it written.


4. What size do you provide for flyers/poster?

We provide any size from A0-A6 and even DL Envelopes. If you prefer a custom size, simply let us know when you contact us.


5. What is Vector/Source file format?

Vector/Source files are the original files (.ai and .eps) in which logos are designed by which you can edit/resize the logo to any desirable size without quality loss or pixelation.


6. Could you redesign my old or current logo? Is there is any extra charge for redesign logo?

Absolutely we can redesign your old or current logo. And yes, there’ll be an extra charge for the redesign.


7. Do you include source file, vector file, logo transparency and high resolution file of logo design?

Yes, all packages include source file, vector file, logo transparency and a high-resolution file of logo design.


8. Are you able to design many styles of logos?

Yes, we are equipped to do any styles of logos. Please let us know your requirements or preferred style.

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